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Currently our Website is being constructed, come back soon for more information on what we have been up to.

About Us


One Step is a Queensland charity working with disadvantaged children and young people. We work local but think global. For example, our Step-Up program helps local kids think up and start up their own small business. They pitch their ideas to mentors who fund them and guide them. The money they raise then goes directly to help people in poverty-stricken countries start their own small business. The last program helped reverse poverty for families in Ghana, while at the same helping at-risk kids stay in school by creating entrepreneurs who learn that their ideas can change the world!

Our Drive100 Hours program helps young people from difficult backgrounds obtain their drivers licenses. Many are unable to get their required 100 hours of practice due to difficult family situations. Centrelink state that this is the driving cause of unemployment, and unemployment the driving cause of homelessness. Our Drive100 Hours initiative has helped over 100 kids get their licenses and employment, mainly from the kindness of volunteers.

(One Step charitable registration CH1096)


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