One Step exists to make a difference in the lives of young people and an exciting new project is poised to do just that.

The ‘Teens’ Guide’ project is a series of journals targeting young people and addressing issues such as anxiety, depression, body image and social media. These interactive journals will be accessed through an online platform making them readily available to teens.
One Step is partnering with local youth focused charity, Strength Potential, to develop the material, which is research based and highly relevant given the stresses so many young people are under. This is especially true in our COVID dominated world.

A recent youth survey conducted by Mission Australia, featuring the responses of 25,800 teenagers, highlighted three major concerns: 1 coping with stress, 2 mental health, 3 body image.

Our project addresses each of these areas.
In addition to providing many hours of voluntary contributions, One Step has obtained funding for this project through our insurance company, Community Underwriting Small Grants Program and the services of a local psychologist who is writing the journals and will manage the online portal.
The ‘Teens’ Guide’ is really just a baby at present but will grow and there will be more stories to tell along the way.