The Social Child Helps Tackle Bulling and Cyberbullying.

Kimberley Conicella is tackling bullying and cyberbullying in a unique way. A victim of bullying herself, Kimberley struggled with her self-confidence, resilience and self-esteem as a direct impact of these challenging years. With 1 in 4 children and young people experiencing bullying in some form, Kimberley set out to make a difference in this area, which is how The Social Child was established.

The Social Child equips parents with the tools to support their kids through bullying to become resilient and confident as they move through school and into adulthood.

With little practical and proactive tools available to parents, Kimberley has created interactive and engaging journals and resources for kids, tweens and their parents on bullying and cyberbullying. With extensive knowledge within this field, her own experience with bullying and her teaching background, Kimberley’s 1:1 coaching service is a supportive option for parents that provides personalised help for them and their child on this issue.

To access further updates, to find help, or to learn more you can contact us or check out The Social Child website.